Terms & Conditions

We like to keep things simple at RIPPED Models – but at the same time insist on certain terms and conditions to be adhered to at all times.

When our clients appoint us for a specific job, we will produce a letter of agreement and detailed scope of work that is specific to that particular job. Likewise, each model selected for that job will also be supplied with a  letter of agreement and complementary scope of work. Both client and model(s) will be requested to sign and scan a copy back to us before the job can go ahead – we will then countersign and return it.

However, the following points are common to all our agreements – so we encourage you to browse them ahead of contacting us so you know where you stand – and are hopefully completely reassured with the transparent, reliable service you can expect from us here at RIPPED Models.

For clients:

  1. The price for the client’s selected model(s) will be agreed at the time of booking in writing and will not change under any circumstances without prior written agreement between RIPPED Models and the client. We do not agree with hidden charges and are proud to be completely transparent in our pricing structure. The price quoted to you includes all copyright release of any images or recordings made during the job for the client to use for their own promotional marketing activities. This copyright will be immediately transferred to the client upon complete settlement of the invoice.
  2. Any third-party expenses will be flagged beforehand and added to the final invoice for payment. Such expenses typically include travel costs for the model(s) which are charged back to the client at cost. If the model uses a car, a fuel allowance of 0.45p per mile for a return journey from the model’s home postcode to the postcode location of the shoot will be charged (based on the total mileage given by Google Maps). Alternatively, a return standard-class open trainfare will be charged. These travel charges will be flagged beforehand via email and added to the final invoice for payment.
  3. An invoice will be emailed within 72 hours of completion of the job. Our usual invoice payment terms are 14 days.
  4. If the client requires the model to wear any specific clothing or bring any props, it will be the client’s responsibility to flag this up at the time of booking in order to give time for this to be organised. If the client cannot provide the clothing or prop and the model needs to purchase anything specifically for the job, the client will need to advise RIPPED Models of this as soon as possible before the job. The price of the item(s) will be notified to the client by RIPPED Models, charged as an expense and will be added to the final invoice.
  5. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the working environment is safe and to ensure any necessary statutory insurances, such as public liability insurance and contents / equipment insurance is in place. RIPPED Models is a third-party introducer and is under no obligation to provide insurances either during the job or while travelling to and from it.
  6. RIPPED Models accepts no responsibility, and accepts no liability, for any losses to person or property due to the model(s) supplied or any other RIPPED Models personnel whilst the model is carrying out an agreed scope of work.
  7. The models will receive a briefing prior to all jobs (based solely on the information received from the client). They will come prepared for the job based on the briefing supplied by the client at the time of booking. RIPPED Models as an agency, and the model as a self-employed person, will accept no responsibility for failing to comply with anything not communicated by the client.
  8. If anything major changes on the day regarding the agreed scope of work, or models are asked to do anything different that hasn’t been agreed beforehand, (not including minor and reasonable changes only that always happen on the day) both the model and RIPPED Models reserves the right to refuse to do anything that wasn’t agreed at the time of booking.
  9. Should a model be unavoidably delayed due to travel problems, or fails to turn up to a booking due to illness or travel problems, RIPPED Models will bear no responsibility for any financial losses for any equipment or location hire that may have been made in advance of the job.
  10. All models are self-employed and RIPPED Models acts as a third-party to introduce clients to potential models.
  11. All models are self-employed and responsible for paying their own tax, National Insurance and other statutory contributions from the payment they receive from any job.
  12. It is the client’s responsibility to assure all models are looked after whilst on a job. We ask that you provide refreshments and hospitality whilst the models are with you.

For models:

  1. RIPPED Models uses photos supplied directly by models for our website, social media feeds and external PR opportunities. By supplying us with these pictures, you confirm you either own the copyright for these pictures, or you have specific permission from the owner or copyright owner to supply them for RIPPED Models to use for the promotion of you as a model and RIPPED Models as an agency. If you do not own the copyright, or do not seek the permission of the copyright owner for us to use them, you will be responsible for any financial liability demanded by the copyright owner for the use of the images in question.
  2. RIPPED Models will search for suitable jobs for you. You are free to accept or refuse any job for any reasons you see fit and if you do turn any jobs down this will not affect your relationship with RIPPED Models at all.
  3. Models agree not to contact clients directly that they are introduced to through RIPPED Models and agree not to do work with them without the knowledge of the agency. All communication between model and client will be done via the agency at all times.
  4. In line with other modelling agencies, RIPPED Models cannot guarantee the frequency of work you receive or the amount of fees you will receive from work found through us. Therefore we do not insist on exclusivity and are happy for you to work with other agencies.
  5. After finding you a job, RIPPED Models will agree the fee for your job directly with the client and will invoice the client directly on your behalf. The model gives RIPPED models the authority to receive the payment on their behalf.
  6. RIPPED Models will take a commission from each job. As part of our transparent structure, we will clearly tell you the gross amount being paid by the client and the amount you will receive after RIPPED Models’ commission has been deducted.
  7. RIPPED Models will pay you as soon as the client has paid the invoice. Under no circumstances will payment be made until the client has paid RIPPED Models. Payment will be via an electronic banking transfer only straight into your nominated bank account. It is the model’s responsibility to ensure they supply the correct banking details for payment.
  8. RIPPED Models will only pay models via electronic bank transfer. We never pay via cash, cheque or any other payment method.
  9. RIPPED Models will not be held responsible in any way whatsoever if the client fails to honour the agreed amount of fee for whatever reason.
  10. We will not be obliged to provide any advance payment for the fees for the job before the job is completed.
  11. Travel costs (where applicable) will be paid by the model and reimbursed with the final payment for the job. The client will only be responsible for travel costs for the model and will not pay any travel expenses for any guardian or people who may choose to accompany you.
  12. If you have to buy any specific clothing or props for a job (please retain receipts), the cost will be charged directly to the client by RIPPED Models and you will receive the amount of the purchase refunded and added to your fee for the job.
  13. RIPPED Models will supply you with a full briefing as soon as possible before the job itself and will not be held responsible in any way for a delay in this due to a client not communicating full details of the job in good time.
  14. We insist on the highest standards of professionalism at all times and insist models arrive at least 10 minutes before the official and requested job start time. We insist you are fully prepared for the job after reading the briefing, have come armed with any requested props or clothing (agreed beforehand) and are ready to put all of your energy into the job.
  15. Any models who fail to turn up for a job or who are late without a valid reason or act in any manner that brings the reputation of RIPPED Models into disrepute will forfeit the agreed fee for the job. They will then be removed from the website and RIPPED Models will no longer act on their behalf.
  16. RIPPED models reserves the right to remove any model from the website for any reason at any time.
  17. Any models aged under 18 will be required to share any details of jobs to their guardians, and will be required to ensure they have full backing and permission from their parents or guardians to carry out the work found for them. RIPPED Models will not take any responsibility for losses or damage against the model whilst on a job and will bear no responsibility for models aged under 18.
  18. All models are self-employed and are personally responsible for the payment of any necessary tax, National Insurance, VAT and other statutory deductions as required.
  19. RIPPED Models will not be liable, in any way whatsoever, for any model who fails to comply with paying statutory deductions such as tax or National Insurance.  It is the model’s personal responsibility to abide by any statutory requirements as a self-employed person.
  20. RIPPED Models will not accept responsibility, or accept liability, for any losses to yourself, other person or property while travelling to and from, and during the assignment itself.
  21. RIPPED Models, while doing its best to ensure the workplace is safe and covered by all necessary insurances, will not be held in any way responsible should a client not provide sufficient cover. As a third-party introducer, RIPPED Models is under no obligation to provide insurance for you or other legal protection.